3 Amazing Benefits of Tree Trimming 

Your trees add so much to your home. They can protect it, make it more beautiful, and make it more inviting. As your trees take care of you, you should do your part to take care of them. That’s why tree trimming is such an important aspect of tree maintenance. In this post, we want to go over the different types of tree trimming and three amazing benefits that trimming your trees can provide. 

Types of Tree Trimming 

With tree trimming, there are numerous strategies and types that can be used for specific purposes. There is dead pruning, crown lifting, crown thinning, and crown reduction. 

Dead Pruning- This one is pretty self explanatory. Dead pruning involves trimming branches and limbs from a tree that have died. This type of trimming gets rid of potentially hazardous limbs that can wreak havoc on your home.  

Crown Lifting: The crown of a tree is the area that includes all of the branches, leaves, and limbs that extend from the main stem. Crown lifting involves removing limbs from the lower tree crown. 

Crown Thinning: This type of trimming involves removing weaker branches from the canopy as a way to increase airflow and sunlight through the crown. 

Crown Reduction: Crow reduction is the process of removing the top of the crown of the tree. This process removes mass from the tree and can make the crown significantly shorter. 

3 Benefits of Tree Trimming

Improved Appearance 

Having a freshly trimmed tree in your yard not only looks great, but can also increase the home’s curb appeal. Everyone knows that a trimmed tree can do wonders for the overall appearance of your property so it only makes sense that it can increase your home’s value. 

Improved Tree Health 

While it may not seem like it, trimming your tree can actually improve its health when done correctly. Trees left untrimmed soak up more nutrients than a trimmed tree. When you trim your trees, this allows for a more efficient distribution of nutrients, improving the health of your tree and other plants surrounding it. Trimming your tree also allows sunlight to reach other areas of your lawn that can help decrease competition among plants and lead to an increase in lawn health. 

Improved Safety 

As trees get bigger and older, their branches may start to lose their structural integrity. This can result in entire branches snapping off and falling, which can cause damage to a yard, a house, or even a person. When you trim your trees, you can make a point to get rid of branches that may prove problematic in the future, thus providing a sense of safety. 

Tree Trimming With LawnBoyz 

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