The Edge of the Piney Woods: Trees of Palestine, Texas

On the western edge of the Piney Woods Forest of East Texas, Palestine is home to a variety of tree species that create a beautiful landscape. The trees of Palestine, Texas are fairly consistent with those throughout East Texas and are indicative by their tall statues and full canopies. In this post, we want to show the various trees that you will certainly run into in Palestine, Texas, so that you can perhaps gain a newfound appreciation for the beautiful trees that make up this beautiful town.

The Piney Woods of East Texas 

The Piney Woods of East Texas is an extension of a large forest of pine woods that extends into Louisiana and Arkansas. With over 23,000 square miles, The Piney Woods of East Texas make up a significant portion of the state that covers over 30 counties. The most dense part of the Piney Woods, known as the Big Thicket, is located in Southeast Texas. The ecological region of the United States receives heavy rain and is full of countless species of plants and animals. 

Trees of Palestine, Texas

While the plant life of Palestine, Texas is extremely diverse, there are several trees that stand out among the rest as the most beautiful in the city.

Loblolly Pine

The prized pine tree of the pineywoods and scattered across the Palestine, Texas landscape, Loblolly Pines are identifiable by their caricaturesque pinecones and tall canopies.

Longleaf Pine

The Longleaf pine is less common than the Loblolly in Palestine but still sprinkled throughout the city. These pine trees can be identified by their long and much larger pinecones.

Dogwood Tree

The Dogwood Tree is a staple of Palestine, Texas as evidenced by the beautiful Davey Dogwood Park. This 254 acre park has stunning views of blooming Dogwoods when they are in season and perfectly displays Palestine’s natural beauty.


Like much of Texas, Palestine is home to many species of oak trees that provide vast canopies and are the ultimate shade tree. Their thick trunks are impossible to miss and the many acorns that have fallen off the branches sprinkle over the ground.


Like the oak, maple trees come in many different species. In Palestine, Texas, the most common is the Sweet Maple. Although the Sweet Maples of East Texas are usually unable to produce enough sap for maple syrup, their bright yellow leaves are beautiful nonetheless.

Tree Services and Landscaping with Lawnboyz 

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