4 Tips For a Perfect Lawn in the Fall 

The end of another Texas summer has finally come to an end, but now you’ve been struck with the change that comes with caring for your lawn in the fall. Fall is your last chance to prepare your lawn for the ice and snow that are associated with winter, making it one of the most important seasons for your yard. In this article, we will touch upon 4 ways that you can keep your lawn healthy in the fall so it is strong enough to brave the harsh conditions of winter.

Clear Debris off of Your Lawn

One of the most important things you can do to care for your lawn in the fall is to clear it of any debris. This includes leaves, toys, and branches. If areas of your lawn are covered by debris, this can lead to unsightly patches as irrigation will be obstructed. If you have large debris on your lawn (large trees or branches), it is best to call a professional to clear it so that you can have a clean and exposed lawn that is ready to take on winter. 

While you don’t want patches of leaves on your lawn, mulching them provides a great way to turn a negative into a positive. Mulching your leaves can provide two benefits for your lawn. The first is that the shredded leaves no longer suffocate the lawn, leading to decreased chances of patchiness. The second is that your leaves can provide extra nutrients to your lawn. To mulch your lawn, simply shred the leaves with your lawnmower, making sure that the leaf mulch is not too excessive. 

Keep Mowing Your Lawn in the Fall

It is important to keep mowing your lawn during the fall months. Grass does not stop growing until the winter months so it should be kept under control as long as possible. 

As temperatures continually drop, you should be lowering your blades progressively until you reach a grass length of about 2 inches. If you fail to mow your lawn in the fall, winter weather will wreak havoc on your long grass. Side effects include lawn fungus/disease, pest infestations, and reduced air flow. 

Don’t Forget to Water Your Lawn in the Fall 

With temperatures dropping, it can be tempting to skimp out on watering your lawn as much as your would in hotter months. When fall comes around, remain consistent and make sure that your lawn receives around 1-1.5 inches of water per week. 

You do not have to stop watering your lawn until the ground freezes. When the ground freezes, the ice acts as a barrier to the roots, so watering would be pointless.

Maintaining consistent watering practices in the fall helps to strengthen the roots of your grass so that it is better suited for the cold.

Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall Strengthens Your Grass

Fall is the perfect time to strengthen your lawn before the winter months. Fertilizing in the fall can build stamina that can get your lawn through the chilly months and come out healthy and green when spring rolls around.

Whatever fertilizer you use, make sure you are in compliance with state and local ordinances as some areas prohibit the use of fertilizers that contain phosphates. When fertilizing, always follow the recommended coverage amounts located on the packaging. 

Fall Lawn Care With LawnBoyz

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