Emergency Tree Services

in Palestine, TX

Don’t wait if a storm has damaged your yard with hazardous trees and branches. Contact Lawnboyz immediately for our 24/7 storm response service. Our team will swiftly remove any unsafe landscaping from your property. Lawnboyz is here for all your needs concerning emergency tree services in Palestine.

Dangerous Trees And Landscaping

Our emergency tree services include the removal or trimming of trees that pose a danger to people or property. This can include trees that have fallen or are at risk of falling due to severe weather conditions, disease, or damage. 

Emergency tree services may also include removing trees that have grown too close to power lines, buildings, or other structures. These services are typically performed by professional tree removal companies that are equipped to handle the dangers and challenges of removing or trimming large, potentially unstable trees. Depending on the situation, emergency tree services may need to be performed quickly to prevent damage or injury.

Remove Dead and Diseased Trees

Removing a dead or diseased tree from a property is important for a number of reasons. One major reason is safety. Dead or diseased trees are often structurally unsound and can fall or lose large branches without warning, which can cause serious injury or damage to property. Additionally, a dead or diseased tree can be a breeding ground for pests and diseases that can spread to other trees in the area. When your safety is in question, it’s an emergency. Call us when you need emergency tree services in Palestine. 

Another reason to remove a dead or diseased tree is to improve the overall health and appearance of the landscape. A dead or diseased tree can detract from the overall aesthetic of a property and can negatively impact the health of surrounding vegetation. Removing the tree allows for new growth and can open up space for new, healthy trees to be planted.

Removing a dead or diseased tree can also be beneficial for the environment. Dead or diseased trees are not able to perform the important ecosystem functions that healthy trees can, such as absorbing carbon dioxide and providing a habitat for wildlife. Removing the tree allows for the natural ecosystem to return to balance.

Lastly, removing a dead or diseased tree can prevent the spread of disease to other trees on the property. Diseases can spread from tree to tree through root systems, or through insects and other pests that feed on or move between trees. By removing the dead or diseased tree, you can prevent the spread of disease and protect other trees on the property.

In summary, removing a dead or diseased tree from a property is important for safety, aesthetic, environmental, and disease prevention reasons. It is advisable to seek professional help for this task as it can be dangerous and requires specific skills and equipment.

Remove Unstable Trees

Removing an unstable tree from a property can be a dangerous task, as it involves working with a large, heavy object that may be leaning or shifting in an unpredictable manner. There are several dangers to consider when removing an unstable tree, and you should always call us out to handle this dangerous situation. We have the proper gear required to stay safe.

There are many risks you may be taking by allowing an unstable tree to remain on your property. We would consider this an emergency, as the tree or its branches may fall unexpectedly, causing injury to the person removing the tree or damage to nearby property.

You also run the risk of structural damage. An unstable tree may be leaning on a building or other structure, which can cause structural damage if it falls or is removed improperly. Trees that are close to power lines can be especially dangerous to remove, as they may fall and cause power outages or electrical fires.

Removing a tree requires the use of specialized tools such as chainsaws, which can be dangerous if not used properly. We have all the proper tools and safety training, so always call us for your emergency tree services. On top of all this, unstable trees are often removed in adverse weather conditions such as high winds, which can make the job even more dangerous.

Call Lawnboyz For Your Emergency Tree Services

We are here for all your needs concerning emergency tree services in Palestine. When you have a tree that is threatening the safety of your household or property, call us at (903) 516-2942. It is important to note that removing an unstable tree should always be done by a team of professionals, such as Lawnboyz, that have the experience and equipment necessary to safely remove the tree. We are trained and experienced to deal with the possible dangers of removing an unstable tree and have the proper insurance to cover any damages. Contact us today for our emergency tree services.